• Katie demonstrating the rocker pilates excercise
  • Katie teaching the pelvic curl pilates excersise
  • The jackknife pilates excercise
  • Katie teaching the single leg stretch pilates excercise
  • Katie teaching pilates in Brighton

“Katie‚Äôs teaching style is unique. Her instruction and knowledge are so intuitive and easy to follow.”

Natasha - Brighton and Hove

Pilates with Katie

My journey as a Pilates teacher started 9 years ago when I completed a Level 3 Diploma with Body Control Pilates. Since then I have continued my training, developing my skills and knowledge as a Pilates teacher.

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Pilates in Brighton

I run Pilates classes in Brighton at the Hanover and Edge community centres. My approach is to teach all levels of Pilates in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with a focus on meeting your individual needs.

Pilates classes in Brighton

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates combines these key principles to create a perfectly balanced workout.